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Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Danny O. Blayde

Pastor Danny O. Blayde is the Senior Pastor of the Living Word Fellowship Church located in Memphis, TN.  He has served in this position since 1995.  Pastor Blayde is a man of God with given vision to reach the world and change lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through his visionary leadership, Living Word Fellowship Church has become a successful church located in the Raleigh-Bartlett area in Memphis, TN.

Pastor Blayde has been called into the five-fold Ministry as Pastor and Teacher for which he delivers the uncompromising Word of God with clarity, consistency, and conviction!  The Lord has blessed him  to teach and preach the Word of God with simplicity. The eloquence of his anointing reaches out and embraces your inner man, challenging you to live victoriously, grow spiritually, and to know God intimately.  He is the epitome of "Excellence in Ministry!"


Understanding that a good marriage and great family is the basis for a solid foundation, Pastor Blayde often ministers in the areas of marriage, family, health, and wealth.  He is a role model for a great family man in that he has created the environment for his mate of promise to cheerfully and willingly submit under his houehold leadership since 1983.  God has blessed Pastor Blayde with a son and a daughter to raise in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


Pastor Blayde received a Bachelor and Master of Religious Arts Degree in Theology from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary in 1998 and 2000.  Pastor Blayde is an avid community leade who also holds several offices which include the following:

  • Volunteer, Youth in the Ambassador Program and Auxillary Probation Summons Services of the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County

  • District Superintendent of the Church of God in Christ 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Tennessee

  • Chairman of the Board of Superintendents (Appointed by 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Bishop Jerry W. Taylor)

  • Member of the Executive Board Jurisdiction (Appointed by 5th Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Bishop Jerry W. Taylor)


Overall, Pastor Blaye is a humble God-fearing man who loves spreading the word of God to everyone he knows!

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