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Feel free to view current and past video clips (media) from the Living Word Fellowship (LWF) Church.  We pray that this catalog of LWF clips from spirit-filled messages bless you immensely!  This is only a snapshot of the joy you will feel when you visit LWF.  Simply click on the Play button in the middle of the video clip to watch.
















2019 Sunday Worship Messages

Sunday March 24, 2019             

Exalting God's People through the Holy Spirit

Older Sunday Worship Messages

Sunday April 3, 2016 

Father Forgive Them

Sunday April 10, 2016 

The Lord is Real


Sunday April17, 2016

Spirit of Prayer 1


Sunday April17, 2016 

Spirit of Prayer 2

May 1, 2016 

Christian Faith



Sunday April 24, 2016 

Fellowship with God's People 1



Sunday April 24, 2016 

Fellowship with God's People 2



Sunday Worship Messages

May 2016

May 8, 2016 

A Mother's Love



May 15, 2016 

Have You Received the Holy Ghost?



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